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Need Colour Therapy?

Need Colour Therapy?

We sat down with Jules Standish, a leading mind in Colour Theory, who explained all about the do's and dont's and how's of why and when we should wear colour. Take note gentlemen.

What is colour therapy?

Colour therapy is all about harnessing the power of colour for ultimate wellbeing. Research shows that colours can have a psychological effect on your emotions boosting self-esteem and making you feel happy, calm and in control. You absorb colour through your eyes and skin so when you wear certain colours they trigger neurological responses in your brain which cause the hypothalamus gland to release feel good hormones. For instance its no coincidence looking at a blue sky makes you relaxed, as does wearing cool blue, as it releases the natural calming hormone oxytocin whereas red at the hottest end of the rainbow spectrum releases the energizer adrenalin to drive you into action with passion and motivation!


What are the benefits of wearing colour?

By paying attention to your needs and taking control of the image you wish to project, you can use colour to feel more positive and be more productive. By focusing on and wearing your chosen colours you can take your mind away from negative thoughts, anxieties and stress and wear those that make you feel fabulous and look your most attractive.

The physical benefits of wearing the right colours can be wonderfully positive and have an immediate impact on your moods and on the appearance of your complexion and features. It is possible to not only look more youthful but give yourself that ‘wow you look well today’ look that putting on your best colours can do.

Its also important to note that every colour has a purpose, an influence and a power to change the way you look and feel about yourself and how others view you. Get complimented and feel confident because your image matters!


Colourful choices – whats the difference?

See colourful chart below for the psychological meanings of each colour.

Also its important to understand how certain colours resonate and harmonise with a) personality and b) inherited skin tone, eye and hair colour. For instance the more extrovert temperaments tend to belong to the warm complexions (yellow undertones) bright vibrant warm or earthy rich and muted colours and the more introverted types belong more to the cool complexions (blue undertones) the pastel, paler colours or icy, dramatic black based shades.


Green – calm, balance, harmony, growth, renewal and new beginnings, humanitarian, friendly.
Blue – trustworthy, reliable, professional, integrity, great communication, calming and soothing.
Purple – thoughtful, inspirational, mediation, luxury, regal, creative.
Yellow – enlightening, joyful, sunny, optimistic, cheerful, mentally stimulating.
Orange – energizing, warm, happy, confident, sociable, adventurous, optimistic.
Red – passionate, exciting, driven, daring, sexy, energizing, stimulating, outgoing.
Grey – neutral, stabilising, trusting, professional, independent, practical.
Black – authority, mystery, sophistication, power, formality, control, leadership.
White – fresh, hopeful, clarity, simplicity, coolness, orderly, well balanced.
Pink – compassion, love, sensitivity, caring, fun loving.
Gold – success, status, wealth.
Brown – stability, reliability, approachable, grounded.




In the Animal Kingdom the male is usually more colourful than the female – why is this?

This is true particularly in birds, and its basic stuff – the males have to compete for female attention. The females choose their mate in a very careful and selective way for reproduction and most will only mate with a few males in their lifetime, whereas the males tend to be rather active!!! Which means they need to stand out and the more colourful the better. They need to be loud, flashy and present themselves as the strongest and healthiest in the fight to pass on their genes, and thus the females are attracted to the brightest strongest colours in the males.


What does this mean for us guys when we’re wearing Frangipani?

Men need to consider wearing colours as a way of projecting their personalities as well as their looks! Women like to see men in their true colours and its no coincidence that the sale of mens pink shirts in the workplace have soared in recent years, as women see them as more confident and approachable, whilst showing their sensitive sides when wearing pink. When it comes to

subconscious messages red is still a hot choice for women when picking a partner, as it represents power, passion, wealth and good health. Red is sexy and biologically relates to the mating rituals in the animal kingdom.

In surveys it seems that women are particularly attracted to ‘eyes’ so if the shirt the guy is wearing highlights the colour of their eyes and makes them stand out and look sparkly then those colours are winners!

Therefore Blue is going to always prove popular – not only is it the worlds favourite colour but also the colour of communication and of trust and reliability, qualities women like to see in their long term partners. Green is another popular choice as this is the colour of harmony, balance and strength and can make the eyes look green if they are a combo of blue and yellow, they will look more green than normal. Green eyes I believe top the charts as the most desirable.

Purple (whilst not highlighting eye colour!) is another colour women consider attractive, maybe because it’s inspirational, creative and seen as elegant and regal!

Whilst mixing colours in patterns for shirts, its always good to look at the colour combos and how the psychological meaning of them can be put together in a healthy, balanced and attractive way.

Mixing colour combinations can be powerful ie

Blue (trust, loyalty, communication) with red (passionate, fiery, driven to succeed) or orange (sociable, adventurous, positive) or yellow (see below)
Green (harmony, balance, strength) with Magenta (fun loving, compassionate)
Purple (inspirational, creative, mediation) with yellow (joyful, optimistic, clarity of thought)




By Jules Standish, Auther of The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing