How did Frangipani start?

Who designs the prints?

It all started when founders Benny & Clem were on honeymoon in India. They lived in Jaipur, Rajasthan for 3 months learning about shirt production and different printing techniques. It was then they decided to re-invent the Indian block-printed shirt with a superior cut & cotton.

That would be Benny and Clem who have designed our shirts since we started.   Each print is a labour of love, it’s impossible to put a finger on the inspiration for a print- it might be nature, animals, plants & flowers or voodoo deities.  All we can say is that there is a print for everyone  and it will quickly become your favourite shirt.

Are your shirts slim fit?

What kind of ink do you use?

Nope, a Frangipani is fitted on the sides but cut loose round the tummy. We know men like beer so we’ve cut them to make you look as you can! Check out our Size Guide for more info

Another good question, we use organic inks and dyes. You can check out our accreditation and certificates here. 

What are your shirts made of?

Why do some shirts “feel” different to others?

Our shirts are made from 100% cotton. Sourced in India, this cotton is both light-weight yet strong and this quality is very hard to source. At the start of production, we buy a kilometre of this material and they are then sent off to different artisan printers for the next stage of their journey.

Our clientele know from experience that this material lasts. We are not a fast-fashion brand and our happy customers still have shirts in their wardrobe that they bought from us when we started in 2010.

Good question, we’re glad you asked. We use a lot of different printing techniques according to the design. Tools at our disposal include: block printing, screen printing, rotary printing, diffusion printing and occasionally we even use laser. Each printing technique has a different effect on the fabric depending on how it is treated and how the ink is applied to the shirt. This means sometimes the material will feel softer, other times crisper.

Are your collar stays really made of bamboo?

The colour of my shirt doesn’t look exactly the same as the photo on the website, why is this?

Yep. We’ve never seen this before and getting them made was a journey in itself as no factory existed that made these. It wasn’t easy, one factory almost fooled us into order 10,000 plastic ones that has been printed with a bamboo finish, and we’re really proud of them.  

We wonder how many plastic collar stays are thrown away each year around the world… They curl up in the wash and are just another load of plastic our planet doesn’t need. You get 4 bamboo collar stays with each shirt (2 are in the swing tag) AND they are machine washable!

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, our shirts take on a different colour in broad daylight, particularly the prints which pop out in the sun. Secondly, all screen resolutions are different which means the colour you see on your phone won’t be the same colour you see on your desktop. Thirdly, we work with artisan printers and very occasionally production colours differ – this is very rare.  

How long does a Frangipani last?

What’s your returns policy?

We’ve still got shirts in our wardrobe from when we started back in 2010. We ain’t fast fashion!

In a normal world we said 30 days, however this year we have extended this to 60 days. And any shirt purchased before 31 December 2022 can be returned up to the 15th January.

If you'd like to exchange any items - that's no problem, just let us know what you'd like to change it for and we'll do this with pleasure. 

There is a Frangipani for everyone.