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Interview with DJ Jon Carter

Legendary DJ and producer Jon Carter is back!

He is about to release his first album for 25 years 'Medication Time' on Brighton Dance Music label Jack Said What headed by trainspotting legend Irvine Welsh.

After re-inventing himself in various guises outside of the music world and being away from music for over a decade, he is back where he belongs, producing music.  We caught up with him in his studio.

FP: What does it feel like to be returning to music after such a long time away?

JC: It has been a long time, so it’s almost like some kind of musical rebirthing experience. The overriding feeling is joy, and also it has been a salvation from a particularly hard time in recent years. My time away from music was due to being heavily involved in some very intensive hospitality projects, culminating in converting a derelict farm into a retreat centre whilst having new-born twins. It led to exhaustion and other far more unpleasant circumstances. Music was an incredible escape, and ultimately very healing throughout the last two of those years.

It’s well documented, how music has changed so much, and how little financial reward it brings, so it’s very similar to the first time round as well where you’re doing it for the intense love of doing it. Music gives back to you, both in the studio and when performing live to crowds. It’s been 25 years since my last album, so I’m feeling pretty refreshed in the studio.

FP: What were the inspirations for this album?

JC: Aside from the above, where music IS the inspiration, exploring the developments and improvements in the technology of the software I use and completely new capabilities other software has, always inspires as you explore these new avenues of creativity. I’ve been inspired by being refreshed from having time away from Music, exploring the capabilities in more depth of my old vintage synths and drum machines, outboard effects, Crazy guitar pedals, And also the influence of things I learnt from the wellness industry. Sound produces magical effects beneficial to Health, and with that I’ve explored healing frequencies and hidden them in The Music. Deep meditative states induced by sound are also inspirational and have fed my Side project “Due South” Which has also produced a new album, with a second one underway.

You know how it is - you wait 25 years for an album, and Three come along at once.

FP: Is style and clothing important to you?

JC: Yes - although I have to say when you live on a farm for eight years developing it whilst also looking after sheep, alpacas chickens, and the never ending Cycle of repairs and renewals and rebuilding, Style takes a back seat - well, a passenger seat - to the driving need of function in clothing, and footwear. That summer linen outfit isn’t going to protect your extremities from when you’re going gangbusters with a heavy duty chainsaw on some fallen trees, and the bugger falls on your leg spinning at full pelt full pelt.

FP: Have you ever followed any fashions in the past?

JC: Not so much really following a fashion, but I was certainly really into certain labels and stores. In the 90s, and 00’s it was pretty much hanging loose with a fair bit of Stussy and Adidas as staples, and I always had a competition with Fatboy Slim over the best Pattern shirts for DJ sets when we played together loads. I’m just driving down to see him now as I do these questions in actual fact, and see he has some of your gear, I appreciate the chance to show off one of your shirts in front of him!

FP: We're thrilled to see you in our First Tri shirt.  What is it that you like about Frangipani?

JC: Well obviously you do some great prints.  I like the fact some are flamboyant and others are understated.  The cotton is great and the fit is fantastic, especially if you like the odd beer...

 FP: What do you like to do in your downtime?

JC: Downtime -that’s for other people. I’ve been working like a Demon every second God sends for years, and Music IS my downtime. That’s why it’s a blessing.

John Carter's new album Medication Time is out on Jack Said What and you guys get to listen to it first by clicking here!