Meet Sancho Panza + WIN!

Who remembers Sancho Panza’s legendary Street Parties at the Notting Hill Carnival? Well, they also do a festival and you can



FRIDAY 26TH JULY - SUNDAY 28TH JULY 2019, Hertfordshire UK (MORE INFO)

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Now it's time to get yourself properly acquainted with Sancho Panza, two of our most loved London dj's and founders of independent festival, Campo Sancho:

Tell us a bit about Campo Sancho
Campo Sancho is the new us! It’s all the things we love like great music, lovely people, amazing food, quality drinks and all set in stunning countryside, an hour from London, surrounded by trees and Funktion One!
Your parties at the Notting Hill Carnival were legendary, we were always front right speaker, when are you doing another one?
Carnival feels a bit like a very happy dream…. we did 20 years and loved every minute of it but it did feel like the right time to move on…. they knocked the school down that we used to build the stage in so that was a sign….. Carnival is a superb and unique event, proud to have been part of it but our eggs are now in the Campo basket and that’s all good. 
You seem to have a long-standing love affair with Funktion-One sound systems, how did that come about?
The love affair began when we heard it! The sound system we used at our first Carnival was Turbosound and we loved that, there is a natural progression in that Tony Andrews was the pioneering sound engineer behind Turbo who then went on to create all things Funktion One. There is a bit of a myth that because Funktion One is being used it will sound great, the reality is you need a very good engineer to make Funktion One sing, we’re blessed to have worked with some of the most passionate and dedicated engineers in the world who really understand that Funktion One song!
Can we find any Sancho Panza parties in London this summer?
Well….. you’ve just missed our day boat party… it was superb but let’s not live in the past! Whilst not actually in London, we’re programming a stage at Alfresco festival on bank holiday Sunday 26th May in Kent and then Campo Sancho takes place from 26th to 28th July in Hertfordshire so only an hour from London. Back in London we’re doing Up on the Roof at the Prince of Wales in Brixton on 7th September and we have a Sancho boat party on 5th October….. updates from our world are all available at
What are your top 3 tunes for the summer?
Peza - Rockers Revenge - What about the People?
Amy Douglas - Never Saw It Coming (Justin Strauss remix)
Gaoulé Mizik - A Ka Titine (Detroit Swindle Edit)



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May 29, 2019 — Ben Wilmot