The Director of Vibes...

For our 4th installment, we are very proud to announce a special guest playlist compiled by Pikes Hotel's "Director of Vibes" -  Sunny Ramzan 

"People want to escape from their lives and I’m there to provide that. I’m there to bring people out of their shells."

So without further ado, why not have a listen to:

"Sunny Does 2020"

Listen on SPOTIFY for some Feelgood, Sunshine Vibes!


Pikes was founded in the 1970's by the late Tony Pike. And is set around the famous aquamarine pool which was the location for Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’ video.

It has been a playground for the music and cultural elite with regular guests including artists such as Grace Jones, Tony Curtis, George Michael and Freddie Mercury.

Pikes is one of the few places that still represents the authentic, carefree, Balearic spirit of the island. It has won multiple times in various categories in the prestigious White Ibiza Awards, the only bad thing about Pikes is the danger of never wanting to leave!


September 30, 2020 — Ben Wilmot