Frangipani is a family

Our people are likeminded, free spirited and fun. We like to travel, to experience and most of all we like to live every day to the full. Our brand is a way of life and we like to keep to our roots. No fancy frills. Just vibrant colour and quality cotton shirts.

Frangipani founders, Clem and Benny Wilmot, are a husband and wife team from London. In 2009, they packed up their jobs and their home and hit the road. They were on a long awaited honeymoon that would change their path forever.  It was the extraordinary cultures of Asia and South America that inspired the first collection of Frangipani shirts. The couple wanted to create shirts to live in.  Shirts that would take you from beach to bar adding colour & style along the way.

Now with two young boys the family continues to create and to be inspired by nature, culture and the core things that make us happy. Friends, fun and lots of colour.

Our shirts are unique, just like you.

A light-weight cotton that when saturated with our vibrant colour-ways is perfect for any occasion and utterly wearable. Speaking from experience we know that not every day is a slim line day, so we have devoted much time to perfecting the fit of our shirts so they flatter and feel good too. Go ahead and have that beer. Our shirts are fitted on the side but loose round the middle. They are timeless, even if we aren’t!

No matter what your age or size, there is a Frangipani shirt for everyone.

Frangipani – Shirts to Live in