“Inspired by our love of partying, playing and travelling, We make shirts that we want to wear, that our friends love and their contemporaries covet. Our Limited Edition printed shirts can be worn on the beach, at a festival or down the pub.” 

Benny & Clem

Co Founders of FRANGIPANI

We have a loyal customer base who LOVE our shirts & just keep coming back for more...

To be fair, there’s no fault to find in Frangipani shirts is there?

 I’ve bought a few now and I am never disappointed, in the designs or the materials. The problem if anything is there needs to be more days in the week to justify owning even more. Keep it up guys!!!

Oliver Fortes

Fun stylish, wear anywhere and be stylish!

WFH style, Zoom style, Bar Style, Pub Style...

Stye to stand out in a crowd. I know I like my Frangipani's because when I see someone wear one and I am not wearing mine I feel poorly dressed in comparison.

Dominic Nixon

Always Admired...

Been buying your shirts for a long time now and are massively gratefully received by my favourite men on birthdays and Other Special Occasions! Always admired, always beautiful, always special. Colourful, well made and much loved

Penny Noble

What’s not to love about your shirts!!


The designs are wicked, they fit fantastic, wash wonderful and just look the nuts. 

I’ve worn them all over the world and always get complimented on them. Would love to be able to add to my collection especially with some of your archive styles. 

Keep up the good work and hopefully we can all get back to travelling again as soon as and looking as cool as too.

Bob Sharp

I enjoy the punchy colours and patterns.

 People see you in a frangipani shirt and think, that guys is going to be fun. Yet wearing the shirt, it fits the body well, it feels good on the skin and can be worn day casual at the beach or in the evening out for dinner. I have bought most of the wardrobe for myself and a number for my family for holiday shirts and for their birthdays. I just need to make sure we know who is wearing which shirt on which night.

Robbie Thomas

Keep up the good work 

I absolutely adore my Frangipani shirts for so many reasons. They are so bright and cheerful and when I’m wearing one it always make me feel so happy 😃 

Every time I’m wearing one when I’m out and about someone will always comment 

“ Cool shirt buddy “

“ Love that shirt “

“ You always wear such fantastic shirts “

“Hey that shirt makes me smile “

Russel Gould

Love the product & remarkable service...

Love the product and the service was quite remarkable. Especially in these weird times. Ordered. Confirmed. Delivered. So rapidly. And I also loved the condensed, plastic free and remarkably elegant packaging. Keep up the good work.

Vince Leigh

Funky shirts!

 I really like the designs that you have - snazzy without being lairy! 

I’m a sucker for a funky shirt so yours hit the mark.

Richard Webb

Nothing like anything else I’ve seen 

The vibrant colours and designs of the shirts are classy, not garish and nothing like anything else I’ve seen anywhere else. I love that there are new designs introduced regularly. Fantastic cotton and the fit is good. They do make you feel special when wearing them and have had many complements whilst wearing the shirts. Great for the summer or worn under a plain jacket for a cool look

Gary Hume


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