Clem & Benny

We got married in 2009, quit our jobs, packed our bags & headed off to India on a trip around the World that would change our lives.Our trip included India, Thailand, Borneo and South America. Countries which are full of culture and inspiration.India is all about colour and it didn’t take long for us to decide to reimagine the Indian block printed shirt with an emphasis on a slick cut and high quality cotton. We made a few hundred shirts, sent them back to the UK and sold them all in one night. We knew we were onto something, and from there Frangipani was born. 

The Shirts

We make shirts that we want to wear, that our friends love and their contemporaries covet. We aim to capture a bold spirit that celebrates colour and we like to create cool, unseen before prints. Each year we do a handful of colourful shirts in a limited run. Yes Limited Edition!!! 

Creative, original and irreverent, these are the shirts to live in, to live brightly and boldly.All our shirts are 100% cotton making them lightweight but strong. They iron easily making them great travel companions and of course are machine washable.Our prints and colours are standout but it’s the details that make a Frangipani shirt. The unique combination of our relaxed yet refined fit is forgiving where it needs to be, so they are perfectly fitted to give you a flattering shape but loose around the tummy. We also have included a fuse in the collar and cuff to make sure they never curl and to provide you with a proper shirt silhouette. 

 Our Hawaiian shirts are made from Wood & Bamboo pulp. A material that hangs beautifully, breathes well and has a super smooth finish. These designs are ever popular on the DJ scene. Check out our Hall of Fame

The Prints

The Frangipani Prints are all still lovingly created by Ben and Clem.Designed in London with the help of our creative team, often at our kitchen table surrounded by food, beers and good tunes. Our prints are hand drawn and totally unique. We don’t follow trends, we just imagine what would look great on our friends and try and turn that image into a print. 

 All our shirts are printed with organic inks and we’ve recently been approved by GOTS. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. 

The blocks for our prints are carved by hand in a workshop in Jaipur that has been carving blocks for 5 generations. Each block is unique and perfectly imperfect. We only work with Indian factories that we have visited and met with the people who make our shirts. We have eaten with them, we have drunk with them and we have laughed with them.